Name: Star
Price: 1,000.00 PHP

Permanent Star Rank


- Receive $30000 in-game!

- Receive 5 Mystery Keys and 3 Superior Keys!

-  [Star] Prefix in chat and tab-list!

-  Access to 7 Player Vaults! /pv , Open your storage anywhere!

-  Colored Chat (Green, Aqua, Yellow, Red, Cyan), /color or /color to open GUI!

- Join in the server even it's full!

-15 Homes, /sethome

- Premium Monthly Reward


- Advocate

- Flagbearer

- Star


-/fly - fly in survival mode! (Please don't abuse it or we'll take away the permission)

-/fix all - fix all your damaged items in inventory

- All commands from VIP+ Rank!