Name: MVP
Price: 1,500.00 PHP


► [MVP] Prefix in Chat and Tab
► Ability to use colorcodes on signs
► Access to Pets, Hats, Emotes, Particle Effects Cosmetics
8 Auction House Slots
► 1.7x Skills Boost
► 45 Slots for Backpack
► Premium Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reward
► Colored Glow (Aqua, Blue, Darkblue, Dark Green, Green, Pink, Purple, Dark Red, Red) [/glow]
► Colored Chat (Aqua, Green, Lime, Pink, Purple, Dark Red, Red) [/colorchat]
► Max of 8 Minions
► Ability to join in Skyblock Server even it's full


► Premium
► VIP+


► /nick (No Color) - Use a nickname (Only shown in chat)
► /disposal - A Trash Can GUI
► /ec or /enderchest - Open your enderchest
► /hat - Use any item as your hat
► /craft - Use a crafting table
► /grindstone - Use a grindstone
► /ptime - Set your own personal time
► /pweather - Set your own personal weather
► /crawl, /lay, /sit - Try it by yourself, it's good
► /feed - Satisfy your hunger
► /loom - Use a loom
► /fix - Fix your held item
/fly - Fly high butterfly
/flyspeed 1-2 - Adjust the speed of your flight
/anvil - Use an anvil (Basically it's unbreakable)
/near - Shows the players near you
/recipe - Shows the recipe of an item
/fix all - Fix all items in your inventory