Name: Mystic [90 Days]
Price: 3,000.00 PHP

90 Days Mystic Rank


- [Mystic] Prefix in chat and tab-list!

- Access to 5 Player Vaults! /pv , Open your storage anywhere!

- Colored Chat (All Colors) Use /colorchat or /color to open GUI!

- Colored letters for signs

Mystic Reward

- Access to Mystic kit

- Sell Items in Auction House up to 20 Items (/ah)

- Ability to Join in the server even it's full!

- Ability to edit signs! Shift + Right Click on a sign. (Crouch + Long Press for Mobile)

- Ability to create a CMIElevator. Place a sign and put [CMIElevator] on 1st Row 


/rename - Rename the item you're holding with a price of 10,000 In-Game Money

/condense - Condense all items and convert them to blocks! (Example: 9 Diamonds into Diamond Block without using the crafting table!)

- /is fly - Fly around your beautiful island

- /fix all - Fix all your items in your inventory (Armor Included)

/fix - Fix the item you're holding

/feed - Satisfy your hunger

/clear - Clear all items in your inventory

- /nick - Use a nickname! (with color)

- /craft - use crafting table anywhere

- /hat - set an item as your helmet

/ec - Open your Ender Chest anytime

- /pweather - Control your own weather

- /ptime - Control your own time