Name: Ancient [Fafiozan] [30 Days]
Price: 500.00 PHP

Note: Legend Rank is required to buy this package!

► [Ancient] Prefix in Chat and Tab
► Max Claims: 25
Max Auctions: 30
Max Houses: 7
Max Chestshops: 120
Auction Time Limit: 48h
Color Chat: ALL
Glow: ALL
Ability to buy custom heads [/hdb]
Ability to spawn angel chest (On Death)
Ability to teleport on Angel Chest [/acteleport]
Ability to fetch Angel Chest [/acfetch]
Ability to protect angel chest
Ability to use color codes on signs/book
Ability to break spawners without silk touch
Ability to toggle firespread, fly, and leafdecay inside claims.
Ability to create elevator signs, put [CMIElevator] on first line of a sign


► Legend
► Ancient


► Commands from Legend Rank
► /rename
► /invsee (You can't modify)
► /epglow